Ruptured Implants

We need to always be cognizant of the fact that once a woman has breast augmentation, she is going to most likely have to have a revision or redo surgery somewhere down the road.


We see ruptured implants every week in our practice from patients throughout the country.

The etiology of the rupture of the bag can be from many different causes. Textured implants have a higher rate of rupture of course because like a credit card, once it’s been folded over and over, it cracks. When there is a crease crack in the textured coating of an implant, it leaks and that causes complete deflation over time.

We only use smooth saline and smooth silicone gel implants in order to reduce the problem with rupture with the textured coated implants.


Whenever a patient presents with a ruptured implant, it is important to have surgery in the nearest future in order to reduce the greater amount of scar tissue. It will collapse the pocket and may make it more difficult to create a normal appearance to the breast with time if there is a longstanding capsular contracture with ensuing scar tissue. The pocket will literally collapse upon itself to a point where there is minimal space around the ruptured bag, which can make it very difficult in the future to create a normal shape.

The new silicone Mentor gel implants and Allergan implants are quite strong and the rupture rate should be lessened. Of course, the FDA has now approved silicone gel implants for women over 22 years of age without autoimmune disease.

We are very pleased and happy to use the high profile Mentor and Allergan silicone gel implants these days for women who are excellent candidates and those are mostly women who have very minimal amounts of breast tissue and very thin muscles who are going to have a much increased risk of visibility, exposure and palpability along the sides of the breast.