Wanting To Downsize Your Breast Implants?


Weekly in my Beverly Hills practice, I see patients wanting to downsize their breast implants. I wrote a post a few years ago discussing that it is very common for women in their late 30s or 40s to come in wanting smaller implants and possibly needing a breast lift currently.

The photo to the left is a perfect case study where a 30 plus year-old mother of two was hoping to reduce the size of her breast and desiring a lift as well. During her consultation, we agreed on the expectations and scheduled her for surgery.

During the breast revision surgery, we replaced her current 500 cc saline implants with 350 cc saline implants and, per our plan, performed a breast lift (mastopexy) procedure. The post-op photo is six weeks, and she is extremely happy with her downsized, natural-looking, and symmetrical breasts.

The surgery was performed conveniently at the Brighton Surgical Center, which is in the same building as my office and carries two of the most stringent certifications of accreditation for ambulatory facilities and hospitals within the state of California. This surgical center has both Medicare certification as well as accreditation by the Joint Commission.

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