Anatomical Breast Implants

Remember that any implant that is not round, will with time, rotate and if just 5 degrees of rotation occurs, you can end up with a very severely deformed shape and a very bizarre appearance to your breasts.


As a result, in Dr. Linder’s practice, we only use round breast implants, whether high profile, smooth silicone or saline, we only use round implants because we do not want to have to worry about rotational problems and rotational deformity.


When you are considering breast augmentation, Dr. Linder truly believes that anatomical shaped implants are very, very troublesome. Even though they may look good originally, with time, through activity or motion, that implant can shift and you could end up with a very deformed appearance to your breasts, and the only way to truly fix it is to take the implants out and replace them with new round implants. Therefore, we only use round implants.


Remember, all anatomical implants are textured coated. They have a fuzzy coat and they will adhere to the tissue around the implant or the capsule. Therefore, if they adhere right out of surgery in the improper position, it is very unlikely that the breasts are ever going to look normal, right from the start.

In the past, texturing implants was very important because implants were placed above the muscle, subglandular retromammary.

In 2008, we almost always place them subpectorally because:

  • It allows for a more natural appearance of the breasts
  • It reduces capsular contracture and scar tissue
  • It is better for a mammogram to be reviewed by a radiologist, to see breast tissue when looking for breast tumors or cancers
  • We believe it reduces the ptosis or sagginess to the breasts with time because the muscle helps to support the implant over the years.